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Web development is my job since 2007, and in facts I experiment for 12 years.

You will find below a summary of my skills and if you want to know more about me, you're invited to visit the 'About Me' page on my blog : www.web2ajax.fr/about/

Node.js I used node.js 2009, making my arms on version 0.1 and it's since my predilection language to assure a high disponibily for all my developments.
I watched him growing, I've created a lot of labs around subjects as realtime with websockets, nosql and high performances databases like mongodb, couchdb or redis.
In september 2012, I opened a blog consacred to that subject www.js2node.com.
Finally, projects after projects, I've created a solid and complete Framework (javascript/node.js), with an extreme flexibility and which and now accompanying me in all my developments.

<?php?> PHP is the progamming language which I used since 2004.
I started to simply generate dynamic content websites in HTML.
Quickly, the need of creating my own framework became an evidence and I created Vash, a PHP5 framework based on Drupal CMS.
Now, to optimize performances, I used PHP for generating API responses in JSON, producing SEO friendly source and building strong server scripts. The rest of the interface is managed by Javascript, ajax calls and CSS classes on client side.

jQuery() Revered Javascript and especially jQuery !
Since Vibes Wall, I learned to manipulate and use jQuery under all aspects. I created few plugins located on my blog : my works.
And with jQuery comes specifications learning of HTML5 & CSS3 that I use throughout new features.

WebDesign My experience offers me the opportunity to create a lot of graphic standards, business cards and flyers. After 10 years of use, I'm feeling comfortable in Photoshop, using brushes, vector forms, clipping...

System Admin Operator then system admin during 3 years, I worked a lot on HPUX, Solaris and Linux OS.
Now, all my webservers are managed by Linux Debian.
For my server security formation, I was hacked 2 times :( Since, I fortunately learned how to protect a server against DDoS attacks and others geeks occupations :)
I learned to optimize my code too, using cloud computing, in installing and configuring web and mysql clusters, managing dns servers, backups, mastering cache...
All this to, in a final goal, manage and upgrade websites on which I work for more and more traffic each new day.